Clever, reliable machining

GNH Engineering's machine shop consists of a strong range of manual and CNC equipment. Each are suitable to service a large variety of Manufacturing & Maintenance requirements throughout the North West's Mineral Processing & Heavy Industries.

Fully equiped machine shop.

Manual lathes

  • Up to 880mm Swing x 3000m B/C

Manual mills

  • Up to 2000mm of X Travel

Horizontal floor borer

  • 130mm Spindle w/ 8 Tonne Max Table Loading

CNC bandsaw

  • Bearing Assembly RebuildUp to 300mmx300mm section size, fully automated cutting service

CNC mill/turn

  • Up to 300mm Swing x 550mm B/C including Bar Feeder for continuous operation

The perfect match of know-how and tech.

Streamlined process

Liaise with one supplier from design to manufacture, keeping pricing competitive, communication easy, and a tight lead time.

Future-focused technology

We use the latest technologies to ensure your project is completed as efficiently as possible. Using laser scanning, and cloud based data collation, you can save time and money.

Traditional know-how

Mixing our experience working in the manufacturing industry with next generation technology ensures your project is always completed to the highest quality standards.


Ready to take on
your project

GNH can complete a wide variety of machining projects including but not limited to:

Manufacture of complex and high-volume componentry

Manufacture of weldments and machined or fabricated products

Machining repairs & modifications to a variety of fixed & mobile plant & equipment

ID welding & bore reclamation services

OEM compatible replacement & upgraded components for cost saving initiatives

Low volume jobbing and manufacturing works


Reach out

Give us a call or send us an email for a free quote. Our team are ready to respond to your inquiries and provide you with a customised quote for your project. Get in contact with us today for an obligation free quote on your next project.